Build a Bigcommerce Ecommerce Website


Selling Lots of Different Products

If you are only selling a handful of products, you can probably survive using a simple Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress website. However, for larger ecommerce websites, it makes sense to develop the website on a specialty ecommerce platform such as Bigcommerce. As a Bigcommerce Partner, we have developed several websites for body kit retailers. Due to the nature of the auto parts industry, body kit stores have tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of different products. The only way to upload and maintain accurate product data on that many auto parts is to have a solid ecommerce platform.

Consider the following scenario. Even if your store only sells 100 different products, uploading an average of 5 photos per products would easily take several days, if not weeks. That is a lot of time wasted, time that should be spent on marketing and generating revenue. For our body kit clients, 1,000,000+ photos are commonplace (100,000 products x 10 photos per product). But it would be practically impossible to run that type of website on Wix or Squarespace. With a proper Bigcommerce Partner developing your store, such large websites are much more manageable.

International Payment Processors

Bigcommerce also supports a wide variety of payment processors, including Braintree (a Paypal company). These payment processing integrations make Bigcommerce a good choice for international ecommerce.

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